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Custom-designed training

IWC custom-designed capacity development programs are aimed at current and future water leaders with a vision for sustainable and integrated water management. The programs build on participants’ professional experience and improve their ability to solve water-related problems in an integrated way.

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Programs designed to suit your needs

“It was a wonderful experience and I will cherish the memory forever. ”


Our programs, tailored for each client, build the knowledge and skills of water professionals through a combination of studies and experiential learning in the concepts and principles of integrated water management (IWM).

Participants broaden their knowledge of IWM while pursuing particular areas of interest and expertise through individual work plans. 

Our capacity development programs are flexible and can include any combination of English communication skills, postgraduate level academic studies (non-award), field trips, workplace industry placements and technical study tours.

Comparative Australian and international case studies are used throughout our training programs.

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Who will benefit from the programs

  • Experienced professionals who want to gain new perspectives and experience first hand technological, institutional and scientific approaches in Australia and around the world.
  • New professionals who want to broaden their skills, gain practical experience through industry placement in integrated water management and improve their English.

Integrated whole-of-water cycle approach

IWC capacity development programs cover all aspects of the water cycle through a multi-disciplinary approach and aim to increase the capacity of individuals, institutions and communities to manage water resources more effectively.

More information

Download the capacity development brochure

 Capacity development brochure


Download the custom-designed training brochure

Custom-designed training


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