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Taizi River pilot study

Taizi catchment factsThe pilot study was conducted on the Taizi River, one of the main tributaries of the Liao River, which is a major industrial region in northeast China. The study was undertaken with the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science, the key research arm of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. 

Seventy sites were sampled across the catchment and assessments were made of water quality, benthic macroinvertebrates, fish, algae, aquatic and riparian vegetation, and physical form. In addition, catchment disturbance and hydrological alteration was assessed using existing data. 

Different indicators were tested against levels of catchment disturbance to identify those that responded predictably. Based on this and other factors, suitable river health indicators were selected. The results of the assessment were used to develop a river health report card for the Taizi River. 

The same method was subsequently applied to a further 175 sites across the Liao River basin. The results were used to complete a river health assessment and report card for the Liao River.

Technical reports with further detailed information are also available.

Summary of the results of the river health assessment for the Liao River

Liao River report card results


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