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Mind the Gap: Assessments of human resources in WASH in four countries

This project reviewed the current and future human resource needs of the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and PDR Laos as they strive to meet goals for water and sanitation.

Project Category: Applied Research

Project Date: Sep 29, 2011

Project Category: Applied Research
Key Areas of Work: WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), WASH service delivery, Human resources, Capacity development, Capacity needs assessment

With the International Water Association, the IWC undertook Human Resource Capacity assessments in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Lao PDR.

IWC worked with local experts to describe the institutional context for water and sanitation services, to estimate the existing human resources in the water and sanitation sectors, to predict the capacity needed in 2015 if the MDGs are to be met, and estimate the apparent shortage in human resource capacity.

Project Date: September 2011 – February 2013

Project Location: Philippines, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and PDR Laos

Activity Description:

IWC consultants led projects carrying out the following actions in Laos PDR, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea:

  • Assessed the current and future demand for human resources in WASH delivery, in water and sanitation in target countries to meet a) MDG goals and b) universal access.
  • Assessed capacity of existing education and training opportunities to provide sufficient and adequate human resources to WASH
  • Reviewed the competencies (skills and knowledge) currently present in the workforce
  • Proposed recommendations to develop HR capacity to meet demand for qualified and competent personnel in the short and medium term



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