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International Training in Integrated Water Resources Management for Decision Makers

International Training in Integrated Water Resources Management for Decision Makers

Photo courtesy of Kristal Burry

State Ministry of National Development Planning/ National Development Planning Agency, Directorate of Water Resources and Irrigation, funded by World Bank, SIDA, IWC

Three day training workshop for water managers from across Indonesia to build capacity to implement IWRM.

Project Category: Education & Training

Key Areas of Work: Integrated Water Resource Management

Project Date: Jan 17, 2010

IWC’s Dr Peter Oliver, SEQ Healthy Waterways’ Dr Eva Abal and IWC Alumnus Kristal Burry conducted a three-day training program for integrated water resource management (IWRM) for decision makers in the Indonesian government.

The training course was held in Bandung within the Citarum River Basin. It introduced the concept of integrated water resource management, the development of integrated water resource management frameworks and conceptual models, barriers and enablers to these integrated water resource management approaches, planning and management tools and the analysis and understanding of assumptions and perspectives that underpin different models of decision making.

Discussion progressed over the days on topics such as governance to improve cross-sectoral collaboration, co-ordination and policy integration, and community and industry education and participation in integrated water resource management.

The group also participated in a field trip to local water infrastructure sites, including an industrial wastewater treatment plant, a community level septic system and a hydropower plant.


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