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Groundwater Resource Management in Agriculture - Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship 2013

In 2013 10 staff from the Department of Groundwater Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand, participated in a 10 day professional development program where they deepened their skills in groundwater resource management.

Project Category: Education & Training

Key Areas of Work: Training IWM,Public health,Integrated Water Resource Management

Project Date: Nov 01, 2013

In collaboration with the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT), 10 staff from the Department of Groundwater Resources completed a 10 day training and capacity development program on Groundwater management in Agriculture. 

The aim of the program was to build the capacity of Department staff to review their groundwater management plans for agricultural issues and to support the management of issues such as water security, increasing contamination and water allocation.

The staff participated in a range of class-room based technical training on topics such as hydrology, aquifer characterisation, management and recharge, groundwater quality, and groundwater harvesting with NCGRT. 

The staff also participated in training led by the IWC on integrated water management, water governance and law, stakeholder collaboration and conceptual modelling. 

Participants also had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with government staff from the Murray Darling Basin Authority and Queensland Government, and visited various field sites in the Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba district. 


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