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Review of Environmental Monitoring Program

The review of environmental monitoring program for Porgera Joint Venture served to ensure that the Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea did not adversely affect the downstream river system (Lagiap, Strickland and Fly Rivers).

Project Category: Applied Research

Key Areas of Work: Ecosystem health and river restoration,Environmental quality,Water quality,Sustainability

Project Date: Apr 09, 2005

This project developed a new methodology that will be useful for assessing environmental quality monitoring programs within a risk-based framework.

This review provided three important outcomes:

  • Allow the total program to be assessed in terms of its ability to report on the risk to the ecological health of the downstream river system from the Porgera mine,
  • Identify important components that were not being monitored but should have been, and equally identify any components which were being monitored that were not adding value,
  • Identify key knowledge gaps that needed to be filled by additional targeted investigations.

This was the first time such a risk-based approach had been taken and should provide a model for other like reviews.


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