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Australian Water Research Facility (AWRF)

Australian Water Research Facility (AWRF)
Australian Water Research Facility (AWRF) AusAID

The Australian Water Research Facility (AWRF) was a research partnership between AusAID and IWC for water and development issues in the Asia Pacific region.

Project Category: Applied Research

Key Areas of Work: Catchment management,Integrated Water Resource Management

Project date

November 2005 - November 2009

In recognising that research can improve the impact and effectiveness of Australia’s aid program, AWRF was established to contribute to AusAID’s development cooperation program in the water sector.

Research activities  

AWRF focused its research on the fragile nation states of the Pacific, with case studies in East Timor and the Solomon Islands. AWRF worked closely with in-country counterparts and AusAID to ensure that research activities address pressing development issues, were in-line with government and AusAID priorities and built linkages between local and Australian researchers. 

Research approach

In implementing research activities for AWRF, the IWC adopted a whole-of-water-cycle approach. This acknowledged the integrated nature of social, environmental and economic interactions within a catchment. A whole of water cycle approach encouraged the integration of water related issues, drawing links between water and poverty and health, the adoption of long-term planning and encouraging community participation.

Collaborative effort

AWRF was a collaborative research effort by all four IWC member universities with a team of expert natural resource managers, aquatic ecologists, community development specialists, anthropologists, environmental modellers and more.

AWRF projects

Applied research conducted through the AWRF included:

Publications and reports

AWRF publications


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