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Education and training

IWC offers:

  • Integrated Water Management — a number of Masters modules focus on urban water and wastewater management and its relationships to landscape architecture and urban design, ecology, climatology, food production, liveability and sustainability, taking a trans-disciplinary approach to improving urban water management.
  • Water Leadership – IWC offers feedback-intensive, individual leadership development for emerging water leaders who want to improve their ability to drive change in the urban water sector through the nine-month Water Leadership Program, and soon also through a series of short courses covering leadership topics for face-to-face and online delivery.
  • Tailor-made training programs — our capacity development programs are aimed at current and future water leaders and leading organisations with a vision for sustainable and integrated urban water management. 

Applied research

IWC brings together leading researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines to understand how to improve the sustainability of urban communities and landscapes.

With combined expertise from partner and other universities and research institutes, government and industry, we deliver innovative and locally-relevant research outcomes.

Local needs drive our research through strong multi-stakeholder engagement processes, ensuring that outcomes are readily useable and disseminated.

Innovation and adoption services

IWC establishes and supports science-policy partnerships and communities of practice, and facilitates dialogue between local and state governments, utilities, developers and consultants to improve innovation process outcomes in urban water management.

Partnerships are highly collaborative and provide practically-focused support for innovation processes surrounding new technologies or design and management practices.


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