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Final project

The IWM project is a compulsory module undertaken as the 'final project' component of the Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) program.

 Overall structure Sem 3

During their final semester (or final two semesters for part-time students), participants design and undertake self-directed project work aimed at consolidating and applying concepts, principles and methodologies learned throughout the Foundation, Integration and Specialisation modules.

Participants are encouraged to base their project on a focal issue that is of personal or professional development interest, which they will explore under the guidance of dedicated professional and academic supervisory expertise.  

Professional placements with NGOs, research institutes, water industry clients and service providers, private consultants, or natural resources management organisations are encouraged. Where possible, participants will be linked with IWC partners and associates. 

Scholarship and visa conditions permitting, projects can be undertaken in Australia or overseas.


Project options

The final project offers an opportunity for participants to demonstrate integration of the different MIWM program elements within a coherent, self-directed project experience.

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There are three broad project options for participants to choose from:

  • Professional placement

Examples of professional placements include: applied research undertaken for (or with) a host organisation; design and evaluation of a product, service or plan, and/or; design and implementation of some form of organisational change.

  • Applied research

This type of project usually involves some form of fieldwork or data collection exercise. The project design can adopt physical or social science approaches. However, the methods chosen must be appropriate to the research questions and objectives. 

  • Desktop research

In contrast to the Applied Research Project, this type of project does not involve a practical field work component. Instead the emphasis is on the participant’s ability to collect, collate, critically analyse and synthesise a diverse array of material in the context of IWM.


Mode of delivery 

The mode of project delivery is flexible. This enables participants to tailor the project experience to their demonstrate strengths, and achieve personal and professional development aspirations. Project delivery can take the following forms:

  • A project with a host organisation or community group (professional placement or collaborative project),
  • A project within the participant’s current workplace (for part-time students, a project tailored to their job and adding value to their employer), or
  • A self-driven research project (involving either field work or a desk-based critical review).

Guidance will be provided by IWC staff throughout the taught semesters of the MIWM program to help participants decide which option is best for them.

Project topics

Final Projects Map 2008 - 2013 (PDF)Since 2008, participants in the MIWM have successfully delivered over 200 projects 45 countries in collaboration with over 140 organisations across the globe.



Previous topics cover a broad array of water related issues. Click on the image below to see featured projects:

 See featured final projects

Funding support

MIWM participants have access to a AU$1,000 Professional Development Grant of which AU$500 can be used towards the final project and AU$500 towards other professional development opportunities (eg. conferences) or to subsidise the costs of some field trips.

Limited funding may be available to offset academic supervisor workloads for the duration of the final project experience. The specifics of these funds are to be negotiated between IWC and the supervisor.


More information

For prospective students

View Final Project Outline (PDF)


For prospective project collaborators

We welcome nominations for professional placements and collaborative project opportunities with NGOs, research institutes, water industry, or natural resources management organisations:

Express your interest to host a final project





If you are interested in hosting/supervising a MIWM participant project, please contact Dr Karen Benn, Masters Projects Coordinator at the International WaterCentre.



IWC Masters Scholarships


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