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Before you start


Entry requirements

Am I eligible for the program? What are the entry requirements?

  • To view the entry requirements for the MIWM program, please check the Entry requirements page

Please note that the entry requirements for admission into the MIWM program at The University of Queensland (International students) and at Griffith University (Domestic students) are slightly different than the IWC Masters Scholarships eligibility requirements.

To apply for an IWC Masters Scholarship, candidates must have at least two years of professional experience (paid work or volunteering experience) relevant to the program and following completion of an undergraduate degree. 

Candidates who don’t have two years of relevant professional experience can still apply for entry in the MIWM program at UQ (International students) or Griffith (Domestic students) but they are not eligible for an IWC Masters Scholarship.

Do you need an engineering/science/mathematics background to enter the program?

A background in one of these fields would certainly be an asset, however it is not a pre-requisite for entry into the program. We are keen to attract a highly multi-disciplinary group with diverse skill sets ranging from social sciences, law and policy, environmental sciences and engineering.

Is there a minimum GPA to enter the program?

There is no minimum GPA required for entry into the program, however, students must have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement.

Is my undergraduate degree recognised in Australia?

If you are unsure whether your undergraduate degree is recognised in Australia, please contact

The University of Queensland - UQ International:

Griffith University - Domestic enquiries:
  • 1800 677 728 (Free call)

Do you give credit for prior studies?

Unfortunately this program does not grant advanced standing or credit.  Students are required to complete the full Masters, Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate program.


How do I apply?

What are the application deadlines?

Can I enrol in the program in Semester 2?

Enrolments for the MIWM program takes place once a year.  The program begins each year in Semester 1 (February). There is no Semester 2 intake.

Where do I enrol? Can I enrol at Monash? Griffith?

International students must enrol at The University of Queensland and Domestic students must enrol at Griffith University. You can't enrol through IWC's other foundation member universities. 

Scholarship applications for domestic students are now open. Learn more here 

The programs are delivered at Griffith University (Nathan Campus) by lecturers from all four founding member universities - UQ, Monash, Griffith and UWA. The degree certificate (testamur) bears the crest (logo) of all four of these universities.

How can I apply?

I am an international student and have applied for the program. What do I do now?

Once your application has been received by The University of Queensland, you will get an electronic confirmation of receipt and a student number.  You should then be able to track your application and contact UQ directly to find out your status and for advice on your visa, etc.

Once your application has been processed, if you meet all admission requirements, you will be issued with an unconditional offer and an Acceptance of Offer contract.

A conditional offer will be issued for applicants who:
1. have not yet met the university’s English language requirements;
2. must provide further academic information (e.g. evidence of bachelor degree completion);
3. must provide other documentation for enrolment (e.g. original documents, police clearance).

I have accepted my offer of admission from The University of Queensland. What do I need to do now?

Once you've accepted your offer, submitted all required documentation and paid your tuition fees deposit, you need to enrol in your classes via mySI-Net (from December each year):

If you have questions about things you need to do before your arrival in Brisbane, listen to:


Costs and financial assistance

How much are the tuition fees?

Are there any scholarship opportunities/financial assistance?

IWC offers full and partial tuition scholarships. Please visit our scholarships page for more information. There are also some opportunities through the Australian Government and international scholarship programs and other financial aid.

What do the fees cover?

IWC postrgraduate programs are intensive programs of study. They are taught by lecturers from The University of Queensland, Monash University, Griffith University and The University of Queensland, with key guest lectures from Australian and international water experts and practitioners. The program costs include several field trips and site visits as well as extensive course materials.


International students

Which visa category should I indicate on my student application?

What are the English language requirements?

To apply for the MIWM program as an international student, you need to demonstrate that you meet The University of Queensland’s English Language requirements. If you need to sit an IELTS, TOEFL or PTE test we recommend that you book a test date as soon as possible and before the 1 August if you want to apply for an IWC Masters Scholarship. A test costs between AU$150 and AU$350 depending on the test provider and your country. It is your responsibility to organise this.

 General enquiries for international students

If you have a question regarding admissions, visas, status of your submitted application, please contact:

  • The University of Queensland:

Online Enquiries (fast response):

Telephone: (Outside Australia) +61 3 8676 7004  | (Within Australia) 1800 671 980

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