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After you graduate


Do I graduate with a degree from all four universities?

No. The program is delivered by lectures from IWC's four founding universities. However, from 2018 onwards, graduates will receive a co-badged degree from Griffith University and the University of Queensland.


Professional experience

Will the IWC programs assist me in gaining professional experience?

The IWC has strong links to the water industry and to various NGOs and development agencies, as well as other research organisations, which may be able to help in providing opportunities for field work/work placement. 

In the third semester of the IWC Masters program, you will undertake an individual final project.  As early as the first semester, you will be negotiating a supervisor and suitable placement for this project, with assistance from IWC academic staff.  The topic and nature of the project will be determined by your interests and desired specialisation.

The IWC will attempt to assist with field and professional placements, although it should be noted that any costs associated with such work (i.e. overseas travel, etc.) is the responsibility of the individual student.


What sort of work will I be able to do when I graduate?

You will be qualified to take on management positions in water utilities, consultancy firms, international agencies, NGOs, and government.

What is the employment future?

There is a heightened interest in climate change and water management not only among professionals but also in the general public. According to one of the leading environmental recruitment agencies NRM jobs, in Australia alone, the employment force in the environmental sector has grown approximately two or three-fold in the last 10 years, with a particularly large expansion in private sector employment. There has also been a steep increase in salary levels for many positions. This also means that employment requirements in water-related positions will continue to grow steeply for the foreseeable future, as the economic, social and environmental value of water becomes more appreciated and more integrated into 'mainstream' policy and business. One of the nice things about working in the environment industry is knowing that it is one of the few areas of the economy that you can be confident is going to grow, whatever else happens. This is especially true with water professionals.

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