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Dr Steven Pratt

WATR7001 - Science of water

WATR 7001 Dr Steven PrattResearch Fellow, Advanced Water Management Centre


Steven is a chemical engineer with a PhD in wastewater engineering, and expertise in biological nutrient removal and environmental biotechnology. 

While working in New Zealand he consulted to local government and the dairy industry on sustainable wastewater treatment – with a focus on passive wastewater treatment systems and energy recovery from domestic and agricultural wastes. 

He is now employed by the Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC) at UQ to manage an Australia-EU collaboration on assessing the potential to utilise waste materials as a feedstock for bioplastic production and microbial fuel cell operation.

Research Expertise 

  • Instrument development.
  • Expertise in relating measured data with biological processes.
  • Experience in designing and operating biological and physico-chemical reaction systems for the removal of nutrients, for the generation of fermentation products, and for the production of biodegradable polymer.

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