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Towera Kazunga (Zambia)

Towela KazungaAssistant Director, Physical Planning

Department of Physical Planning and Housing, Zambia

Master of Integrated Water Management

(with AusAID Scholarship)

Graduated 2011


Career path

Before undertaking the Master of Integrated Water Management, Towera was an urban planner with over ten years experience.

Towera's story

"The MIWM helped enhance my skills and knowledge, thereby contributing to the development of my country."

"Being an urban planner, my work involves improving the welfare of people and their communities," Towera said.

"Zambia is a country with over 70% of the urban population living in unplanned settlements with inadequate water supply, no provision or allowance for circulation, poor environmental conditions characterised by lack of proper sanitation, poor drainage, and uncollected solid waste. One of the avenues for improving the population's welfare is the provision of water and sanitation."

New way of thinking

"The MIWM helped enhance my skills and knowledge, thereby contributing to the development of my country," she said. "The training gave me an opportunity to meet new people, know a new culture and to develop a new way of thinking."

Physical planning and housing

Towera is currently an Assistant Director in charge of Physical Planning in the Department of Physical Planning and Housing in Zambia. Her responsibilities include:

  • Formulation of physical planning policies and strategies to ensure orderly development of human settlements
  • Formulation of physical planning regulations and standards to guide the planning process
  • Preparation and review of integrated development plans and local plans to guide and attain an orderly and soundly built environment
  • Ensuring compliance to Environmental Impact Assessment audits and requirements in the process of preparation and implementation of major development plans to safeguard against negative impacts on the environment.

Integration of town and water planning

"Town planning and water planning are always considered in isolation," Towera said. "However, any activities that take place on land will impact the water quality and quantity. As population grows, there is increased demand for land for hospitals, schools, housing, roads, etc, and this will affect water quality and quantity.

"The Masters program gave me an understanding of the linkages between the two, and this is helping me provide guidance during the preparation of Integrated Development Plans and Local Area Plans."

Thank you to the Australian Government

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Australian Government for giving me the valuable chance to study in Australia."





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