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Piotr Bednarz (France)

Piotr Bednarz

Consultant for RioTinto

Environmental Resources Management, Conakry, Guinea


Master of Integrated Water Management

Graduated 2011


Final semester project

Strengthening water and sanitation governance structures for Vanuatu

SOPAC’s IWRM program helps developing countries of the Pacific to manage fragile water resources in a coordinated and equitable way.

Piotr was sent by SOPAC to assist the Government of Vanuatu to foster the country’s efforts to bring water and sanitation stakeholders together and to reinforce the governance structures.

In this perspective, Piotr helped to coordinate and enhance the National Water Resource Advisory Committee with emphasis on the integration of environmental, social and economical stakeholders. He was also responsible for the development of of the National Water, Sanitation and Climate Outlook for Vanuatu for the 6th World Water Forum 2012.



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