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Pascal Garde (France)

Pascal GardeManaging Partner

Global Water Jobs, Spain


Master of Integrated Water Management
Graduated 2011

Career path

Pascal holds a degree in Economics and Management, with a major in International Trade, as well as a Master Degree in International Economics from the University UPMF in Grenoble, France. From 2003 and 2009, he worked for various United Nations organisations supporting technical assistance and capacity building projects addressed to developing countries on issues related to economic and social development.

In 2010, Pascal enrolled at The University of Queensland, where he completed the IWC Master in Integrated Water Management, undertaking his final project in Colombia, reviewing the Upper Cauca River Basin water pollution control framework. Since then, he has been working as an independent WASH consultant for various non-governmental organisations such as Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA) and the Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation.

Recently, in July 2013, Pascal launched a new website, Global Water Jobs (GWJ). This new job board intends to gather jobseekers and employers from all academic and professional backgrounds involved in water and sanitation management.

Global Water Jobs




Pascal's story

What did you enjoy the most while studying at IWC?

"The degree studied at IWC was a major turning point in my career as it equipped me with a multidisciplinary university background, which has opened new pathways to different fields of work that I could not access or even foresee previously."

"Studying at IWC was truly an unforgettable experience. As an economist, the main purpose of joining the IWC program was to gain knowledge and understanding of the engineering and sciences related disciplines involved in water management. In this regard, the Problem-Based Learning assignments were a great opportunity to share the views and experience of my fellow students, and implement an effective integrated approach in proposing solutions to the problems faced.

In addition, studying with professionals from all over the world creates a diversity of perspectives that is rare to find in most education programs. This has allowed me to developing an international and cross-sectoral network that is highly valuable for my professional career, but also at a more personal level."

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