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M Faridy (Bangladesh)

M FaridySenior Assistant Chief

Bangladesh Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh


Master of Integrated Water Management
(with AusAID Scholarship)

Graduated 2010


Final semester project

Impact of climate change on water resources in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the low-lying, riverine countries in South-east Asian region with a more irregular coastline of about 750 km on the north of the Bay of Bengal. The physical geography of the country is characterised by two different features-a wide deltaic plain subject to frequent flooding and a tiny hilly region crossed by quickly flowing rivers. Due to geographical setting, Bangladesh has received and drained-out huge volume of upstream waters.

The flows of mighty rivers the Meghna, Padma (the Ganges) and Brahmaputra, originated from the Himalayans, drain-out in the Bay of Bengal flowing throughout the country. Because of geographical location, Bangladesh is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world.

Many places in the world will face the range of effects and severity of changes due to climate variability. Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries where the potential impacts of climate change will affect all parts of the society and economy.

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