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Elisabeth Tarigan (Indonesia)

Elisabeth Tarigan

Officer, Water Management Department, Jakarta Special Capital City Government (Dinas Tata Air Pemprov. DKI Jakarta)



Master of Integrated Water Management
(with IWC-GWP Scholarship)

Graduated in 2015



Elisabeth has an environmental engineering background and has worked in wastewater, solid wastes and water resources management fields, especially in strategic planning and policy-making. She now works for the Water Management Department of Jakarta’s Capital City Government.

Why did you choose this program?

I chose this program because I was interested in its comprehensive approach to water management, the whole ‘integrated’ concept. From my work experience, I've seen how fragmented water management can make it really difficult to address water issues. I wanted to know more about how this concept of integrated water management can be applied practically. Studying in an international setting was also a strong point, giving me the chance to gain knowledge from students hailing from other countries.

"This program will open a wider horizon for me.”

What were the best parts of the program and why?

There are many wonderful parts. The best part would be meeting so many students from different countries. It's like a whole new world of collaboration and friendship opened. Also the knowledge shared really built up my understanding of how water management impacts the world we live in. The lecturers and supporting staff were great and I learned a lot from them. The field trips were awesome! I have so many great memories from these trips and we learned a lot too. 

How do you plan to use what you’ve learned in either your current job or future career?

There are many things I've learned that I can use in my work around water management in Jakarta. The findings of my final project, for example, could be used to strengthen and improve coordination in Jakarta’s water management.

The MIWM program’s constant emphasis on looking at things contextually and finding an integrated solution, while weighing up the positive and negative impacts, is something that's now ingrained. Hopefully, in the future I can apply what I’ve learned and thereby make a contribution to the water management of the city, and on a larger scale.

Elisabeth Tarigan

Are there any particular challenges you face or things you would like to achieve as a female working in urban water management in Indonesia?

Considering myself as a female water leader in the future is something I’m looking forward to. Women play an important role in water directly and indirectly, and I would like to contribute to that with the skills and knowledge I've gained throughout the course. Female water leaders can start at the smallest scale, for example, in a family.

I think raising awareness is the start of change. The knowledge and skills I gained through this program and my work experience will enable me to bring about awareness and change, which will influence policy and regulations and ultimately empower the community.

"I’m sure that the experience and knowledge I gained through the Masters program will be very valuable for Jakarta’s future."

How do you hope to contribute to the development of Indonesia's water management in the future?

I would really like to be actively engaged in the strategic and policy-making aspects of water resources management in Jakarta.


How do you think a partnership like the Global Water Partnership-IWC one can help you achieve your goals?

A partnership like the IWC-GWP one is very important as it broadens the horizon and connects different stakeholders across the world. It particularly helped me learn things from others which I can implement now in my work, and it opened up opportunities to interact with other water professionals. I'm honoured and grateful for the opportunities the IWC-GWP Scholarship afforded me.


Elisabeth's final project:

Legitimacy and influence: A case study of the Jakarta Water Resources Council (JWRC) In the context of IWRM


IWC Masters Scholarships


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