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Abdula Bansuan (Philippines)

Abdula Bansuan

Supervising Environmental Management Specialist at Provincial Government of South Cotabato, Philippines

Ambassador/Senior Advisor at International Riverfoundation, Australia


Master of Integrated Water Management
(with an Australia Awards scholarship)

Graduated 2012

2013/14 IWC Alumni Ambassador (Philippines, Malaysia & Singapore)


Career path

Most of my professional time was spent in the Philippines environment and natural resources sector. I like community, regulatory and non-profit stakeholders coming together in building society’s brighter future. After more than ten years of experience in dealing with diverse and quite complex sets of watershed concerns, I began looking for new resource management models and ways of working. Then I came across the Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM), and had a good chat with 2008 MIWM student Diane Cousineau during the 11th International Riversymposium in Brisbane where I was presenting a paper.  

Since completing my MIWM, I have worked with the International RiverFoundation, particularly in their engagements with major mining projects. I am currently assisting in the formulation (and perhaps implementation) of a river basin management investment plan for the OceanaGold project in Nueva Vizcaya.


Abdula's story

What did you enjoy the most while studying at IWC?

My first sight of the UQ campus in January 2011 was right after the Brisbane River floods – immediately showing how closely the campus is tied to water management!

With the floods in mind, I expected that the MIWM program could share with me good lessons of water management. Matching my anticipation, the MIWM program was truly a reflection of advanced knowledge from creatively combined social, economic, pure science and management models and analysis. I benefited from water science and aquatic resources subjects that complemented my strong social and management sciences background.

The ‘hard’ side of the water sector – I mean the serious business of managing water given the interlocking factors and differing perspectives – was delivered through fun learning and practical demonstration approaches making it easily understandable. The North Stradbroke Island and Albany courses held at the beautiful Southern coast were fantastic experiences I will never forget!


IWC Masters Scholarships


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