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Nguyen, H, 2011 –– Integrating sanitation marketing into a national program: A case study in Vietnam

Nguyen Hong Hanh (Viet Nam)

Hong HanhDespite the high annual rate of economic growth in Vietnam, poor sanitation has caused a loss of approximately 1.3% of the country’s annual GDP.

Since 2003, International Development Enterprises (IDE), a non-profit development organisation, has implemented several rural sanitation marketing pilot projects in various parts of Vietnam, achieving promising results.

As a result, Hong Hanh, who was undertaking an internship with IDE Vietnam, conducted a pilot project to integrate a sanitation marketing model into the National Target Program for rural water supply and sanitation.

The field research analysed the potential as well as the constraints for scaling up this innovative model into a national governmental program.

 Hong Hanh Nguyen project photo

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