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Murta, J, 2010 –– The challenge of sustainable rural water supply: A case study in East Timor

Janina Murta (Mozambique)

Janina MurtaOver the past decades community management has been promoted as a key element of sustainable water supply schemes. Following international trends, the government of East Timor has adopted this model for the management of rural water supply systems. However, despite large investments in the sector, sustainability of water development projects in East Timor remains an issue.

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During her third semester research project, Janina conducted field research in East Timor with the AusAID funded Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (RWSSP). Following a case study and exploratory led approach, Janina investigated sustainability issues behind community management of a multi-village water supply system.

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Through an analysis of the participatory approaches used to establish community management arrangements of the case study water system and the performance of its management functions, the research highlights a number of sustainability aspects relevant for the development of the country’s rural water supply sector.

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