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Forster, J, 2011 –– Integrated Policy - Disintegrated Practice: A Livelihoods-Policy-Interplay Analysis (LPIA) of IWRM implementation in the Crocodile (West) - Marico Water Management Area in South Africa

Jan Janosch Förster (Germany)

Jan ForsterThis research project investigated the relationship between the implementation approach for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) of the South African government and the potential benefits for local communities.

Despite progress in water access and supply situation, the implementation of the IWRM policy framework shows some serious shortfalls. Although the new water architecture in South Africa is backed up by a progressive institutional policy framework and a new governing structure, it can be described as an integrated policy with disintegrated practice.

As this might not present a particularly new finding, for the first time an IWRM policy implementation process is analysed from a livelihoods perspective supported by the results of field research. 

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