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Bradfield, G, 2012 –– Integrated Water Resources Management and Adaptive Environmental Management: Managing the impacts of the Coal Seam Gas industry on the Great Artesian Basin

Georgina Bradfield (New Zealand)

Georgina BradfieldGeorgina Bradfield (New Zealand)Georgina’s final project was scoped and developed from experience gained during an eight-month internship with the Queensland Gas Company (QGC). As part of her role, Georgina reviewed and assessed the various water management issues and policies related to the sustainable development of CSG in Queensland from an integrated water management perspective.

My project looked at the challenges associated with using adaptive environmental management (AEM) to manage a rapidly developing industry such as CSG, inherent with the potential for both significant opportunities and challenges.

I discovered through the examination of various State and Federal Policies and industry strategies that the AEM approach is not embedded within a wider IWRM framework, contradicting Australia’s overall development strategy for our scarce water resources. I then identified areas where better social, economic and environmental outcomes could be achieved through the adoption of key IWRM principles and tools.

Working with the Queensland Gas Company was a very valuable experience. I got hands-on professional experience in an extremely exciting and dynamic industry. The day-to-day reality of working in such a complex operational environment gave me a first-hand understanding of the challenges involved with large-scale infrastructure projects and enabled me to write a much better informed third semester project than if I’d done purely desktop study.

Georgina now works for QGC Pty Ltd in the Water Development Team on the Queensland Curtis LNG Project coordinating and writing water management and monitoring plans for submission to State and Federal Government, and in the CSG Technology Hub coordinating joint research between QGC and the Centre for Coal Seam Gas at The University of Queensland.

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