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Andrade, M.B, 2009 –– Bringing motivations and emotions into the study of multi-stakeholder platforms for Integrated Catchment Management

Belen Andrade (Ecuador)

Belen AndradeA case study of multi-stakeholder platforms in the Pumicestone Region Catchment, Queensland, Australia.

Multi-stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) are widely promoted to attain a new water governance system known as Integrated Catchment Management (ICM). MSPs are often considered to be conflict-free and rational spaces for participation, leaving aside the fact that they are composed of human beings, who are far more complex than this. MSPs are usually initiated by the government or an NGO (due to the skills required to facilitate a positive environment for dialogue).

Belen Andrade

However, one must ask: what motivates people to join, remain active in and

leave MSPs, and what experiences and emotions make some individuals who have left cynical about joining other participatory initiatives?

Belen undertook a six-month research project to answer this question through the examination of three government-invited MSPs from the Pumicestone Catchment Region in Queensland, Australia. She approached the study of engagement and disengagement of participants in MSPs through the socio-psychological lens of motivations and emotions, and how they influence behaviour in order to attain ICM goals.

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