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Field trips

IWC students get a chance to see the east coast and west coast of Australia through various field trips while working on real-world water issues with each other and with professionals in the water industry.


IWC students participate in several field trips during the coursework component of the program:

Foundation semester

  • Three days on North Stradbroke Island
  • One-day Brisbane River field trip - introduction to the 'Science of water' module
  • Half-day field trip to an Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Half-day water sampling field trip (Griffith University, Brisbane)

Integration semester

For all students:

For students who choose the International development specialisation stream:

  • Ten days in Thailand, as part of the summer-semester module 'Community, livelihoods, development and water'

  • Two days of field experience in Pinjarra Hills, Queensland as part of the ‘Water supply, sanitation and hygiene’ module. Students experience well-digging, emergency water tank and concrete sanitation platform construction.

For students who choose the Urban water specialisation stream:

  • The 'Urban futures' module includes four half-day field trips looking at aspects of urban waterways and water sensitive urban design.
  • The ‘Urban metabolism’ module includes three half-day visits to an advanced reclamation plant, a permaculture site and a range of houses in Brisbane with sustainable water, food and energy design features.

For students who choose the Water, land and people specialisation stream:

  • Seven days in Perth, as part of the summer-semester module 'Water and agricultural landscapes'.

  • One day field trip around Warrill Creek and Aratula, in South East Queensland, as part of the 'Collaborative planning' module - exploring issues around community engagement and environmental rehabilitation.


Field trips costs

The cost of nearly all field trips is included in tuition fees (travel from campus, accommodation and meals).

However the following field trips are only partially subsidised by IWC and students are responsible for covering the remainder of the costs. Students can access a portion of their IWC Professional Development Grant (AU$ 1,000) to help cover these costs:

  • Students who go on the Thailand field trip pay for their own flights/accommodation/meals and organise their visa to Thailand. The whole trip cost is estimated at approximately AU $1,700.
  • Students who take the 'Water, land and people' stream attend a seven-day teaching block in Perth and pay for their own flights/accommodation/meals. The whole trip cost is estimated at approximately AU$ 1,200.



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