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Career opportunities

As an IWC graduate, you’ll be able to apply for management positions in the public, private and non-government sectors. Graduates have found employment with NGOs, government or aid agencies, consultancies, water utilities, community development agencies, environmental regulators and agricultural, mining and industrial companies. Opportunities to continue on to a PhD also exist for students who achieve excellent academic results in their final semester project.


Career opportunities by specialisation stream

Choose your specialisation stream and the nature of your final project according to your professional project and the career you aspire to:

International development Urban water Water land and people
  • Central and local government (WASH, development policy and planning)
  • NGOs
  • International funding and donor agencies
  • Consultancies (WASH, development and agriculture, mining)
  • Research / PhD
  • Water and wastewater utilities
  • Central and local government (urban water policy and planning, regulation)
  • Consultancies (policy and planning, regulation)
  • Landscape architecture
  • Research / PhD
  • Central and local government (water policy and planning, environmental regulation)
  • Mining companies, agriculture
  • Consultancies, NGOs and Indigenous agencies
  • Water and wastewater utilities
  • Research / PhD
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Career opportunities - international development 

Graduates of the WASH and development specialisation stream are well-equipped with the skills to join the many NGOs, governments, aid agencies and consultancies working to improve access to safe water and sanitation globally, and to alleviate poverty through empowerment and capacity building.

Opportunities to continue on to a PhD also exist for students who achieve excellent academic results in their final semester project.

Featured graduates (WASH and development)

Abdulhamid 2

Project Officer
Government Small Towns Water Supply & Sanitation program, Nigeria

Abdulhamid Gwaram (Nigeria)

"With the knowledge I obtained from the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management I am able to contribute significantly to a viable and sustainable water resources management system for my country”  Read more

Camila Teutsch Barros

Executive Director
Patagua Water Consultancy, Chile

Camila Teutsch Barros (Chile)       

"I came across the Master of Integrated Water Management and it was love at first sight!"  Read more

Jeff Goldberg

Water Program Advisor
USAID, United States

Jeff Goldberg (USA)

“The MIWM class hails from all over the world, and this has provided us all with the opportunity to create a global network of like-minded professionals and friends."   Read more

Other examples of graduates' careers in WASH and development:


Water & Environment Advisor



Katie Spooner

Community development

Monitoring & Evaluation Program Officer

East Meets West Foundation


Hong Hanh Nguyen


IWM Consultant



Karen Delfau

Business Developer - Water & Sanitation



Florent Vetillart

Environmental Resources Consultant

Rio Tinto


Piotr Bednarz


Water & Sanitation Engineer



Vincent Guézingar

Environmental planning & management

Land-Sea Project Manager

Nature Conservancy


Kelly Hines

Policy & planning

Policy Officer, Water Quality Policy

Dept Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population & Communities


Penny Godwin

Climate Change Technical Assistant

Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme


Azarel Mariner

Technical Inspector

National Water Supply & Sanitation Council


Kasenga Hara

Assistant Director, Physical Planning

Department of Physical Planning & Housing


Towela Kazunga

Senior Assistant Chief

Ministry of Planning


M Faridy

Research / PhD

PhD Candidate / Research Assistant

Monash University

South Africa

Jan Janosch Förster 

Research Assistant

Institute for Sustainable Futures


Janina Murta

Programs Manager (Research - public policy & WASH)

Kabano Research & Development Centre


Robert Apunyo

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

Water and Sanitation Specialist

World Bank


Virak Chan

Project Officer

International WaterCentre


Diane Cousineau

Integrated WASH & Nutrition Coordinator

Theun-Hinboun Power Company


Tari Bowling

Overseas Community Manager

Barefoot Conservation


Jeremy Diner


Executive Assistant to the CEO & Chief Legal Officer

The Climate Corporation


Cameron Davidson


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Career opportunities - urban water

Graduates of the Urban water specialisation stream are well-equipped with the skills to work in government agencies, water utilities, urban development, landscape architecture and consultancies organisations.

Opportunities to continue on to a PhD also exist for students who achieve excellent academic results in their final semester project.

Featured graduates (Urban water)

Richard KokProject Engineer, Water Treatment Facilities
Origin Energy, Australia

Richard Kok (Malaysia)

"Within a month of graduation, I was fortunate to receive a job offer from Origin Energy to work as a Water Engineer responsible for setting up their new coal seam gas water treatment facilities for the Asia Pacific LNG Project."   Read more

Tracey LeslieSenior Water Infrastructure Engineer
Logan City Council, Australia

Tracey Leslie (New Zealand)

"I chose the IWC Masters course because it offered the broad perspective on water management that I was looking for.”   Read more

Blair ScottWater Sensitive Urban Design Officer
Healthy Waterways, Brisbane, Australia

Blair Scott (USA)

Read more

Other examples of graduates careers in Urban water:

Academia / Research / PhD

PhD Candidate   

University of Melbourne     


Kristal Burry   

Researcher and PhD Candidate

University of Cape Town

South Africa

Lina Taing


Water Development Analyst

Origin Energy


Kevin Loh

Water & wastewater

Melbourne Water


Greta Porras Sepulveda

Environmental Scientist

Gladstone Area Water Board


Mohammad Hassani


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Career opportunities - water, land and people

Graduates of the Water, land and people specialisation stream are well-equipped with the skills to work in government and indigenous agencies, not-for-profit organisations, agriculture, mining and industry, water utilities and environmental regulators.

Opportunities to continue on to a PhD also exist for students who achieve excellent acdemic results in their final semester project.

Featured graduates (Water, land and people)

Shafaq Masud

University of New South Wales, Australia

Shafaq Masud (Pakistan)

“The IWC Masters helped me understand what integration means. As I take on various types of work, the basic concepts, tools and methods taught in the MIWM program serve as a ready reference for implementing tasks effectively with greater understanding.”   Read more

Nathan CammermanDirector, IWRM Pty Ltd

Nathan Cammerman (Australia)

“The IWC Masters with its balanced approach to the social, physical, environmental and economic aspects of water finally ticked all the boxes for me."   Read more

Georgina Bradfield

Environmental Scientist -Water Development
– QGC Brisbane, Australia

Georgina Bradfield (New Zealand)

"The IWC Masters was an absolutely amazing program and one that I will never forget. I can honestly say that I left the course with a completely different perspective on things."   Read more

Other examples of graduates careers in Water, land and people:


Community Campaigner

The Wilderness Society


Prue Bodsworth

Policy & planning

Water Resources Officer

Kenya Ministry of Water and Irrigation


Anthony Mwenje

Water Resources Manager

Government Department of Water Resources


Erickson Sammy

Monitoring and Communication Consultant

National Water Resources Development Program


Ronaldo Inguane

Strategic planning

Senior Consultant Water and Environmental Management



Michael Yule


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