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Are there other scholarships available for overseas applicants?

There are currently few opportunities for overseas practitioners to gain scholarship funding in order to attend the IWC Water Leadership Program. The Australian Commonwealth government currently runs two programs that are potentially relevant, namely the Endeavour Awards and DFAT Australia Awards programs (see for up-to-date information).

Can I pay in stages (e.g. over two financial years)?

Possibly. This is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Where it is approved by the IWC, a deposit is always paid initially. Please note that failure to meet a staged payment milestone will result in exclusion from the program.

What topics are addressed during the program?

The content of the program varies from year to year. However, as a guide, the topics addressed in the 2011/12 program (e.g. team leadership, influence tactics, social networking, authentic leadership, three key water leadership roles, etc.) are described on page 13 of the conference paper by Taylor and McIntosh (2012) which is provided here.

What’s the total time commitment for the program?

We estimate that the program will require approximately 15 days of time over nine months for full commitment to all activities. The IWC recognises, however, that not everyone will be able to make the time to complete all elements of the program.

Could I still enrol in the program if I am away from work for part of the year or busy doing other work?

Yes, as long as you can attend the face-to-face training in February (which is compulsory) and have access to the Internet during December when we run the online 360-degree feedback process. The delivery of the program is flexible, so the IWC will help participants to do various elements on-line or to ‘catch-up’ if they get behind for personal or work-related reasons. The program has been designed for busy water professionals who work full-time.

What are the main activities that I would undertake if I enrolled in the program?

The elements of the program are described here. This link includes a short video where they are explained by the program coordinator.

How can I tell if I’m ready to join the program?

The IWC recommends that you undertake a self-assessment using the ‘Readiness Assessment Tool’. We also recommend that you seek the opinion of your colleagues (e.g. your supervisor, trusted peers and/or mentors).

What level of English is required?

Appropriate academic English language skills (IELTS score 6.5, overall TOEFL 570) as demonstrated by an officially recognised test of English language proficiency.

Is the program part of a university degree?

The IWC Water Leadership Program is not part of a university degree. Being an external program enables us to keep the cost down. However, we are working on ways for participants to gain ‘academic credit’ at our partner universities if they go on to do some postgraduate degrees in management or integrated water management.

Is travel and accommodation covered in the program fees?

No. These costs are the responsibility of individual participants. Note that the follow-up face-to-face training session in July will be available online for those participants who are only able to travel once to Brisbane (i.e. for the initial face-to-face training in February).

How does this program differ from generic leadership programs outside the water sector?

The IWC Water Leadership Program represents a focused, intensive and complementary intervention for emergent water leaders. Click here to find out how it achieves this. 

Is there a technical component to the course?

No, it is a leadership course for water professionals (refer to the question above). For details of the program’s content, please see the conference paper provided here.

The IWC also runs a Master of Integrated Water Management program, which has a small technical component for those wanting to learn more about Integrated Water Management. Click here to see a diagram of the differences between the Master of Integrated Water Management and the Water Leadership Program.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes. Participants either get a ‘certificate of participation’ or a ‘certificate of completion / excellence’. Only those participants who have completed all elements of the program receive the ‘certificate of completion / excellence’. This certificate lists the elements of the program that have been completed and acknowledges the significant achievement of the participant.

Can I contact past participants to discuss their perspective of the program?

Yes. The IWC can put you in contact with participants who have completed all elements of the program (via email).

I can't commit to the full nine-month program. Do you offer any alternative?

IWC also offers a one-on-one coaching service. With this service you have the flexibility to work on your leadership skills individually with one of IWC's experienced and qualified leadership coaches.


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