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About us

The International WaterCentre (IWC) provides education and training, applied research and knowledge services to implement a whole-of-water cycle approach and develop capacity in integrated water resource management.

Integrated water management approach for:

Mark Pascoe, CEO of IWC

Integrated water management

Our approach:

  • acknowledges the environmental, ecological and human processes that water undergoes from catchment to coast
  • clarifies and manages the multiple values of water
  • considers the impacts of decisions systemically across environment, politics, law, science, culture, engineering, economics, health and society.

Our strength is in collaboration

Founded by four leading Australian universities and supported by a network of 170 partners and associates worldwide, the IWC provides a breadth of expertise and experience rarely found in a single organisation. 

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Access to leaders in integrated water management

We draw from some of the best and most experienced researchers and practitioners in relevant disciplines to design solutions to current and future water management challenges.


What we do




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